Choosing a different type of divorce.

We are leading an effort to simplify the divorce process and make divorces less contentious. Based in Irvine, CA, we help clients throughout the entire California.


mission statement

We are here to help handle difficult disputes involving property division in a divorce, child custody and child support, spousal support, and breakdowns in communication. Divorce is a stressful time. Couples enter into marriage expecting to spend the rest of their lives happily together. Unfortunately, many marriages end in divorce, and most of us are not prepared for it. The untangling of relationships and assets accumulated over a marriage may cause bitterness and resentment if not handled carefully. How one handles the divorce process will ultimately impact important aspects of one’s life, including his or her finances, family, children, and even retirement. That is why we offer Mediation, Divorce Coaching, and Attorney Representation to help you with your divorce.

MEDIATION & uncontested divorces

Traditional divorce litigation is built on an adversarial model that frequently makes it difficult for the parties to hear what the other side is really saying, causing a loss of objectivity. Mediation, on the other hand, can give the parties a more direct voice to each other that can lead to a compassionate resolution. Sometime, our clients are able to come to an agreement on their own with just a little nudge in the right direction, and other times, it can take multiple mediation sessions. Regardless of how we conduct the mediation sessions, we always try to facilitate closure and satisfaction for the parties involved by finding common ground.

To help our clients control their costs, we offer a hybrid billing structure where we charge a flat fee for the paperwork to start and finalize the divorce, and a reasonable hourly rate for time spent to help mediate and come to an agreement.


As an experienced family law firm, we have learned that to conduct successful mediation, we need to pay attention to the small details and subtleties of the family situation to develop a deeper knowledge of the parties involved. We then thoroughly prepare so that we can engage our clients in a substantive way during mediation, and persist with diligence to guide the case to meaningful resolution. Finally, we analyze the situation with the candor of a trusted friend but with the neutrality of an adviser to come up with a solution that the parties can agree upon.

Uncontested Divorces.

If successful, at the end of mediation, every divorce becomes uncontested. For clients who are able to come to an agreement themselves, or for clients who participate in mediation with us, we offer a flat fee to prepare all the necessary paperwork involved in starting and finishing the divorce.


Through our years of practice, we noticed that many clients did not need full on representation, but instead needed a lawyer to assist with the paperwork or give advice as to what to do in court for a particular hearing. We offer a reasonable hourly rate to assist clients that need divorce coaching, but not necessarily want to be fully represented. We will take the time to review the facts of your case, identify your goals, and develop a customized approach to meet your needs while minding the costs associated with a divorce.

ATTORNEY representation

We selectively accept clients to represent in their divorce case. Our experience is that oftentimes the best results occur when a case does not go to trial, but settles. Settlement is often the most cost-efficient and least stressful way to tackle the legal and financial issues in a divorce case. However, we also understand that sometimes some issues cannot be resolved via settlement. In situations where a reasonable agreement cannot be reached, we will fight vigorously in court for you.

Because our main office is in Irvine, CA, we are only able to take contested divorce cases in Orange County and Los Angeles County. For cases that we are not able to help, we have strong attorney referrals in Southern California and the Bay Area to help you.

Benjamin was caring and supportive during my whole divorce process... Thanks to his advice and care, my case went so smoothly. It was just perfect.
— Parinamana M.

ISSUES THAT WE Can help you with

We understand that our clients hire us at a vulnerable stage in their lives when they most need counsel and guidance. We offer compassionate counseling on the following issues while working with you to create a workable and positive future.

  • Property Division (how to split assets)

  • Spousal Support (alimony)

  • Child Custody and Visitation

  • Child Support

  • Hague Convention Issues (on child kidnapping and service of process)

  • Move-Away (with the children to a different state or country)

  • International Marriages

  • Pre-Marriage Counseling

  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements